Informed Cities has been supported by a number of projects over the past years. Below you can find out more information about the projects that drive the Informed Cities initiative forward.


CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS is helping cities of all shapes and sizes and at various development stages to enhance their SUMP implementation processes and address diverse mobility challenges. Working within six co-creation laboratories, it is equipping cities to develop the next generation of SUMPs and putting mobility at the heart of sustainable urban transformation.

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Rural-Urban Outlooks: Unlocking Synergies (ROBUST) is a European research project that advances our understanding of the interactions between rural and urban areas. Its main premise is that strong, mutually-supportive linkages between rural and urban areas are key to realising smart, circular and inclusive development for a sustainable Europe. ROBUST kicked off in June 2017 and will run until May 2021. The project brings together 24 European partners representing both research- and practice-oriented organisations. They work with 11 regional Living Labs and five Communities of Practice.

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The OpenHeritage project identifies best practices of adaptive heritage re-use implemented across Europe. The project develops inclusive governance and management models for overlooked heritage sites and tests them in six Cooperative Heritage Labs. Working together with residents, local businesses and municipalities, OpenHeritage tries out new forms of engagement and uses crowdfunding and crowdsourcing mechanisms to create active communities united around heritage.

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Smarticipate will give citizens access to data about their city in an easy to understand way, enabling them to better support the decision-making process. Local governments will be able to tap into the ingenuity of their residents, gaining valuable ideas. This two-way feedback makes cities more democratic and dynamic. Residents will also play an active role in verifying and contributing to data.

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ARTS (Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability) is committed to understanding the role and impact of transition initiatives in cities and examining the conditions that can aid accelerating change towards a sustainable low-carbon society.

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InContext (Individuals InContext: Supportive environments for sustainable living) identified framework conditions enabling societal transition towards an ecologically sound, economically successful and culturally diverse future.

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Informed Cities

Informed Cities (PRIMUS: Policy and Research for an Integrated Management of Urban Sustainability) aimed to examine and enhance connectivity between research and policy-making for sustainable development, at (and for) the local level.

Connecting researchers and policy makers, this project was a start of the Informed Cities initiative.


ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
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