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The Informed Cities Newsletter shares and discusses activities and results of governance and social innovation research. It is published approximately four times per year and addresses a variety of timely topics, including Sustainable Mobility, ICT/Smart City, Rural-Urban Linkages, Cultural Heritage, Governance, Social Innovation, Social Justice, and more.

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Making the climate transition irresistable

November 2023

This edition of the Informed Cities Newsletter spotlights some of the latest approaches, initiatives, and research to help make your city’s climate transition irresistible. Irresistible because they are data-driven, yet open, accessible and collaborative. Irresistible because they engage with what (and who!) is there to create community-led visions that show how radical climate action, inclusivity, and beauty don’t have to contradict each other. And last, but not least, irresistible because they are fun. Read more...

Culture: a cornerstone for sustainable development

June 2023

To create liveable and equitable futures, local governments need to consider the critical roles of culture, cultural heritage, and creativity in sustainability. Read more...

Previous newsletters:

Moving from commitment to action

February 2023

The ambitious European Green Deal framework needs a mechanism through which cities and towns can adapt it to meet the needs of their communities. Read this edition of the Informed Cities newsletter for an essential understanding of how local governments are accelerating a just and sustainable transition through Local Green Deals and beyond. Read more...

Start with the city. Expand to individuals.

October 2022

To achieve climate neutrality and a just transition, we need all hands on deck. Behaviour change at a massive scale is essential to realizing a more sustainable future. Read more...

From "just talk" to just trainsition

June 2022

Explore some of the latest key guides, tools, frameworks, initiatives, and innovative research that can help city-makers translate ambitious visions for just, sustainable futures into concrete solutions that work for their communities. Read more...

The need for green energy

March 2022

The countdown continues in the race to reduce emissions. The EU has committed to 55% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030 (“Fit for 55”), supported by a raft of legislative levers, including many that target transport. But, transport can’t be tackled in a vacuum Read more...

Time is of the Essence

October 2021

On 21 and 22 September 2021, the ROBUST [Virtual] Final Conference took place. One of its key takeaways was that new rural-urban ways of working can be slow to develop and take root, and that more time is needed to see the real "fruits of the harvest" Read more...

Electric mobility to take centre stage at Informed Cities Forum

September 2021

This edition of the Informed Cities Newsletter focuses on the world of sustainability. Read more...

Culture driving the recovery process

June 2021

The pandemic caused an unprecedented shock to the cultural and creative industries. But the lockdown experience confirmed the vital role of cultural spaces, artistic expression and co-creation for cities and communities. It is perhaps more clear than ever that Culture and Cultural Heritage can play an important role in the recovery process. Read more...

How to make urban nature bloom? Nature based solutions

April 2021

This month we are featuring a new book “Making Urban Nature Bloom”, which shares stories, insights and case-studies from co-creative processes for nature-based solutions (NBS) in six European cities. These Urban-Regional Innovation Partnerships created diverse governance models by gathering input from hundreds of stakeholders. Read more...

Integrating resilience into sustainable mobility planning

February 2021

Resilience has moved from an abstract academic concept to a mainstream real-life necessity across all nations in a matter of months. The transport and mobility sector has been no exception to this. Cities need their emergency processes and approaches better prepared by securing democratic endorsement in advance for the rapid deployment of future measures - whilst ensuring buy in to long term sustainable outcomes. Read more...

Why urban justice and sustainability must go hand in hand

October 2020

Why equity, inclusion, and justice are important to create truly sustainable urban environments.. Read more...

Electric mobility - The world of EV charging

September 2020

Clean environments are at the forefront of many citizens' desires. This issue of Informed Cities includes a look in at some of the solutions to ensuring that electric vehicles do not recognise borders that people are travelling across, as cities invest in cleaner charging technologies for the future. Read more...

Green mobility - What we measure gets managed

March 2020

It is now more important than ever that future investments in our transport systems give positive future prospects, supporting growth and employment in the green economy, reducing pressure on our energy systems, and improving the future lives of everyone. Read more...

Power to the practitioner: the value of guidance and advice

October 2019

Every year, more and more advice is issued directed at practitioners to improve the way they (you) work and are able to make effective decisions.  Read more...

Sustainable Regeneration for All

August 2019

Urban and rural areas struggle with disinvestment in local economies, social services, affordable housing or public infrastructure – sometimes key for daily survival. These areas share a need: A need for sustainable regeneration strategies. Read more...

Learning along the way: experiments  in Cultural Heritage

May 2019

Cultural Heritage, whether natural or cultural, tangible or intangible – offers a bridge to sustainable development and has become a topic of enduring interest for policy-makers, researchers and citizens alike. Read more...

The Power of Electric Mobility

February 2019

Electric mobility is becoming a pervasive force, enabling experiments with new transport options as well as offering existing established forms of transport opportunities to improve their sustainability credentials. Read more...

Unlocking Rural-Urban Synergies

November 2018

Clean energy, sustainable mobility, food security, etc. – they all depend on effective governance between different people and organisations at the regional scale. In short: seamlessly connecting urban and rural areas. Read more...

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